Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Back Home

It's been a long long weekend, and a much fun one too. I'm still so exhausted I can barely find the words to type and make things sound interesting! I'm going to relax until then. Hopefully I'll have some things together by this weekend, but it's looking extremely busy for a while, I need the rest I can get.

It was absolutely wonderful seeing Leslie H. of Hobb's Habbitry in Washington again! Leslie is a great friend of Katie and I, she has been extremely dedicated and helpful for us. Leslie doesn't have a large show herd of American Fuzzy Lops anymore, but does now for her dwarfs. Though Leslie has a limited scale for her fuzzies, she still does have occasional litters. I came home with a few new fuzzy lops! Leslie also took us to Seattle, which was too much fun!!! Thank you so much! :)

On top of it all, we got to meet a couple other top breeders in the U.S. Keep posted and be sure to "follow" Katie and I's travel blog, Rabbit Road Warriors. We have many photos and loads of photos to share.

Update on our Hello Kitty kits are two Black Otters and a Broken Opal. I'm eyeing one of the black otter kits. I think we might have a winner... hehe. ;)

Take care, sorry for this being a little dull and short.
Susie Cederlof
Wooly World Rabbitry

P.S. I type this feeling like I'm not making any sense, so if it isn't, let's just all giggle! LOL. I'll be back in swing hopefully soon. :)

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