Sunday, June 8, 2008

Some people! (beginning off topic-have some long)

This is a rant that is completely off topic. You can either continue or not to read, you may find out something new about myself, and hopefully not a clue unless you need it.

Already this sounds rude. But I'm just not exactly sure how to express this any nicer? I'm not going to pull out the f-bomb or take it to extreme limits as I was a gifted little child.

When I say gifted is that I'm true and honest. I'm the most compassionate person I've ever met. I also can comprehend and understand most problems, and be okay with it, with little life experience of only sixteen and a half years. I've seen a lot. I know a lot. But most of it runs in the compassion, comprehending, and understanding opinions and choices area.

The reason why I come to this is well, people can just be real jerks, and some people can just be extremely immature, when they know better. Its just one of those things that gets to me... I try so hard to be the best person I could be. As me being so compassionate, I forgive so easily, and trust so easily, and would just give my heart up for somebody, even if I barely knew them, because I can just love somebody so easily.

I've been screwed over in this hobby. I've had people jip me, lie to me, make money of me, steal my rabbits, steal my money, chew me out, I've been beat down, pushed down, I've been pulled around, told what was right, what was wrong, should do something somebody else's way. I've been told this and that, I've been made fun of, and people be nice to my face and say rude things to you behind my back, I've tried returning favors, but in the end, I just get screwed over, lied to and ripped off.

I find it truly amazing, not only have I had horrible things done to me when I've nothing wrong but trusting.

Second of all is that I'm still in this hobby.

The human race is so cruel. We can never get enough of hurting each other. I try and try and try... and I just get crap in return. I'm still a strong person, I still love what I do, but when I look at this hobby, slowly I see it deteriorating. My love is going, those ups and downs of uncertainty, why did I deserve this? Is a helping hand to much for someone? I guess, its not your fault, your just not as trusting, loving, and caring as me. Therefore I'll always be taken advantage of.

I know when I was a in elementary school there was something I was always taught. "The Golden Rule" Maybe before my time or after my time this rule was non-existing, or now expired. This is what it was:

The Golden Rule: Treat somebody the way you'll always want to be treated.

And also a very beautiful word called "RESPECT".

Its hard being the compassionate one. It always has and it always will. I know people who say they just don't care, about themselves, their family, friends, or anybody they know, or the unknown. It hurts deep down. How could you...? How could you NOT care?

I'll bend over backwards for somebody I just met. I'll give my heart to them, my thoughts, advice, teach them to stand for who they are, who they want to be, how they can understand others, just cause you don't like somebody doesn't mean you have to be RUDE to them?

This hobby is cruel. The human race is cruel. Our opinions are cruel. Our heartlessness is cruel.

I'll continue to try, until the day the well runs dry, to my hobby, my compassion, or my life, any of it, all of it.

But the catch is it'll be harder to come through to me. You better of HOPE you didn't screw me over, because you already messed it up bud... Its a shame for you, it honestly is. Not that I'll be rude or cruel to you... I think less of you and your cruel ways, you've lost some respect, you've lost trust. Its what you asked for, shame on you. If you want help remember not to come back to me honey! And remember in the end if you do get some sense knocked into you and you come crawling back, it'll hurt me just as much as it could hurt you. But I doubt it'll hurt you, ever. Your heartless for what you've done to me. :(

I'm a hot mess. :(

Sorry about the rant... Something just set me off tonight. The immaturity of some people. Oh, a few last words, GROW UP AND GET ON WITH IT! Now I'm wondering how and why you waste your life. Sheesh! And I could STILL go on!

I do have some rabbitry related news:
• Zoe kindled one healthy black kit a few days ago, sire by WWR Mew. Very nice looking kit!
• Ammadon babies are looking good! BIG heads on these little kids.
• I plan on having something fun in store for everyone, if it goes through. I need to see if its possible or not.
• Summer show coming soon, and exited!
• Bad news is WWR Kiki has a white nail, bummer, and WWR Roar accidentally broke his wrist. :(
• We will not be attending SCF this year, sorry friends.
• We are looking mighty forward to ARBA Convention 2008! :)

Thats all for now~
Wooly World Rabbitry


Tru-Luv Rabbitry said...


I can just relate to your agony when you mention about people. It is always the people factor that stumble us not only in this wonderful hobby of raising rabbits. I believe most of all, it is because we have certain expectations for those around us. Unfortunately, every human have a brain of their own and most of the time, does not sync with ours. Furthermore, some brains are weirder than others. LOL.

I hope you always find joy in your rabbits instead of human. When humans fail you, look toward your wonderful bunnies!

God bless always.


M an' M Rabbitry said...

Gosh Susie, that sure sounds like some bottled up feelings! ^_^

Anyways, glad you could voice your opinion. I do agree that some people can be quite heartless in the rabbit hobby, but there are some very caring and loving people who do truly want to help you.

Just try not to shy away from the ones who really care, and just move on from the experiences with the people who could care less.

Anyways, hopefully you will stay in rabbits for a while longer. I haven't even met you in person...yet...^_^


Briana Brown said...

Oh my! You poor thing! lol I know life is just hard sometimes and you hate the humanrace! I do very often actually. Well I will just say that I don't know you personally, but I still think you're aahhhmaaaazzzing! :)

NB Rabbitry