Monday, June 16, 2008

Major Herd Reduction.

I have to cut down as to being overwhelmed. Shipping available at buyers expense, and possibly holding until convention. Let me know if you would like anything, amazing start to anyone starting out with woolies, I can hook you up! :P

Email me at
and most can been seen on my site (bucks, does, juniors, and sale pages)

Jersey Woolies:

WWR Hanna Beth - Black Pointed White Senior Doe
(Reg. G.C. Erb's Boulder, 15 Legs X WWR/Dorissa' s Kipsie)
The last Boulder baby produced, and turned into a beautiful doe! Bigger side. Not much in the head/ear department(ears are short though) but wonderful body and gorgeous wool.

Reg. G.C. Wooligans Party Girl - Black Otter Senior Doe (7 legs)
(Reg. G.C. Erb's Boulder, 15 Legs X Reg. Brian's Lady, 2 Legs)
Party Girl is one of my all time favorite does. She had a wonderful show career and is a great mother. Still does well on the tables. This is my hardest to leg go. She'll always be remembered here. She has also given me my largest wooly litter of 7.

Hare's Mystic - Smoke Pearl Senior Buck (11 Legs)
(Hare's Touch of Gold X KT Kystal, 2 Legs)
I've never had the chance to register him. He's on the bigger side. Has a great head, little long in the ear. Tad long in the body, but very wide and solid throughout. Awesome wool. Has great kids, and grandkids are nice too.

Reg. G.C. WWR Zoe - Chestnut Senior Doe (4 Legs)
(Lil' Mojag X BJ's Nutmeg)
My first G.C. and a homebred at that. Zoe will always carry a legacy here at WWR. She has a great head and ear, wonderful little body and nice wool, but short. Zoe has made it three generations back, I think it's time to let her go. Great mother. I'll surely miss her. No denying that. (currently has a baby)

Cedar Ridge's Blue Rain - Blue Senior Doe
(Double K's Reeses X WWR Brie)
She has a few white nails. Haven't seen it on any of her babies yet, even to a buck who was also dilute. Great type throughout, great mother. I'd hate to see her go! Great to addition to anyone's herd, this was a tough one to let go!

Morning Star Ah-un - Broken Blue Junior Doe (charlie)
(Wonder's Sparky, 4 Legs X Morning Star Pearl, 1 RIS)
She's a cute little doe. Unshowable so moving her on. Still growing, and moulty at the moment. :P

WWR Kaugra - Seal Junior Doe
(Reg. WWR Sir Mix A Lot X Dorissa's Mayflower, 2 Legs)
I really like this doe! Still in the awkward stage, nice head coming in. Ears are a longer for my liking, but very nice WIDE body. Wool is not here yet. lol.

WWR Seal Junior Buck
(Hare's Mystic, 11 Legs X LeSage's Shakira, 13 Legs- 2 BRIS, 10 BOB, 1 BOSB, 2 BOG)
He's cute, a little big. Nice head and ears. Nice shoulders, topline, but a little undercut in his hip. Nice wool. From the best doe in my herd.

WWR Seal Junior Buck (#2)
(brother to above)
Also pretty cute, I think he is equal to his brother, but he's a little bit shorter, and a tad narrow in his shoulder.

WWR Black Otter Junior Buck
(Wooligans/WWR Ro Sham Bo, 3 Legs X WWR Audrey)
He's nice! Nice body, head, ears, and wool. Bigger side. I love the shape of his body. Very nice personality. Just... big. :P

PETS: Smoke Pearl Junior Doe, Orange Senior Buck, Chestnut Junior Buck...

Also, possibly soon: WWR Sleeptalker, Black, 1 BOB Leg
WWR Cuddle Bug, Black Silver Martin, 2 Legs
Erb's Ariel, Black Pointed White, 6 Legs

American Fuzzy Lops:

WWR Keasby Nights - Fawn Senior Buck
(WWR Talladega Nights, 2 Legs X FH's Luvlee)
He's nicely typed, great personality. Molting currently. Great head, awesome short think round ears.

WWR Shakes - Blue Fox Senior Buck
(Lucky Lop's Addison X WWR Carley, 1 Leg)
He's a very nice buck. Smaller size. Great head, short ears with great placement. Has ear control when exited. Nice short body. Nice wool coming in.

Soon: WWR Carley, Orange Senior Doe, 1 Leg
(WWR Talladega Nights, 2 Legs X FH's Luvlee)
She's a nice doe. Great mom, has good size litters (3-5) Nice wool, head and ear. Short typy body, would like to see a little more width to it. Currently bred, for sale after litter.

Its a hard thing to do. :( Its happens though, you can't keep them all.

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