Sunday, June 22, 2008

I've been MIA

I know I know, I'm busy. Today I made a grooming demonstration video of me grooming a wooly. I'll try and get it uploaded if I decide to share or make another one. :P

Here are a few pictures I want to share. Its been a while since I've taken pictures. Everybody is molting hectically.

My newest buck, LeSage's Cracker Jack. He's a broken Seal with 6 legs. Thanks ANGEL! :)

WWR Kiki a blue junior doe, 10 weeks with a molty woolcap- its the latest trend.

Kiki is absolutely beautiful and my favorite junior produced this last round. Unfortunately, she has a white nail. >.>

Katie's babies. The one in the middle is a peanut and 12 days old. 3 opal, 1 broken opal and 1 broken chestnut.

My AMMADON babies! So cute. A smoke Pearl and a Seal.

Her favorite pose, BLUE STEEL! (from Zoolander) Blue Steel will be her name. She's always shooting the blue steel. :P

Thats all for now. I hope to get everything together soon and cut down on the herd.

Sales pages updated on my website!


TLR said...

Hi Susie,

did the peanut survive? I just have a thing for peanuts and really hope they survive. I hope yours did.

BTW, really beautiful buns. I just love your photos and of course no picture can be perfect without the bunnies.

All the best in the shows and convention.

Take care and God bless.

Keep said...

Erm... I want an Ammadon baby :D