Wednesday, June 25, 2008

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I couldn't think of a good blog title so I just gave it the name of one of my favorite teas. My favorite is Orange Pekoe but haven't had a cup of it in a while.

Luvlee is nesting bred to Hamlet. This is another Fuzzy X Wooly cross. Not only with these having good intentions of a turn out, its still experimental. I felt her belly and she has quite a few in there! :)

Carley is also bred and due tomorrow along with Luvlee... She's bred to Feeney. I really hope to get some babies out of both of them. I see great visions of this cross. I felt maybe one baby, but my palp skills suck along with me being to scared to feel whats really going on. I'll just wait it out.

I have a baby overload right now. I felt my Shakira babies and WOW I'm upping their price a little. They have their differences. One is smoother and fuller. The other is wider but is a tad more undercut, but better head and wool. I may end up taking one to the Summer Show.

I have a couple juniors from Blue Rain X Mystic who are super nice... One is showable and the other isn't. He's has a nose and head spot. With me keeping him and if I decide to breed him, I'm going to have to look forward to some future culling. The type is so amazing I think I can go through with it. His sister, a blue, is really nice too! I love everything about her, she can improve a little in the head and ear shape, but she has many nice qualities. I do love the fact though that the parents were dilute X dilute, and the major no-no was that mom has white nails. Fortunately the babies all have colored which I'm very proud of. I'm assuming its not very genetic, a good thing!

I pulled out Hawt Dayum today and she doesn't look pretty but at least she feels awesome! For the longest time during her uglies I didn't like her, almost convinced myself I was stupid for liking her in the beginning, lol. I'm glad I had patience and waited. She has a very pretty new coat starting to skirt around her bum. Ohhh her wool is going to be beautiful! Exciting. :) Her brother had no wool cap and so I cut off his wool. His cap is already in. Kicking myself as he'd look pretty cute to show this weekend if I didn't CUT off all his wool. Kaugra and Honeybee are looking okay too, no wool caps and funky wool still. Ah, don't you just love juniors? :P

Lets see... who else... Kiki is amazingly gorgeous as always. Roar is very nice too. His ankle is healing very well! Party Girl's babies are cute cute. Sprinkles the Chestnut buck from Skyler X Ro is nice. Spazzy personality though. >.< New York Minute is turning out cute, he's going through some weird awkwards though. lol. Who isn't? And can't forget Vixen, I like her a lot. She needs a better filled HQ though.

All together my line is turning out very well. I can't wait to keep continuing to focus and see where I go... A BRIS would be nice and a BIS even better... ;) LOL. We can all dream. I do my stock/lines/TYPE very well.

Most of ALL I'm very excited for this weekend!!! I cannot dread it enough! :D A good competition in a open show is going to be loads of fun. The summer show in Carol G's backyard is the best of the year. Great friends, great judges, great numbers, great times, food, pool, backyard, weather, its absolutely complete. Carol is a very fine breeder of AFL, judge, and friend and has a wonderful home and I want to thank her very much for welcoming us wool lovers every year to make wonderful memories there. THANK YOU CAROL! :) This is my third year attending and remember the previous years with no problem~

I entered Cracker(brkn. sr. buck) Ammadon(shaded sr. buck) Blue Belle(self sr. doe) Abby(self sr. doe) Ro Sham Bo(agouti sr. buck) and Xbox 360(self jr. doe) along with one fuzzy lop, Highfives(brkn jr. doe). These guys are the only few who are NOT moulting in my barn, everybody else is. Everybody else. LOL. My mom entered her two molty woolies, Angel(agouti sr.doe) and a agouti jr. buck who *I* call Micro Ears, but is unnamed to my mother.

I hope to see EVERYONE there! :) If you are still debating or haven't considered, theres STILL time! Send in your entries to Nancy ASAP! Its okay if you wake up at 6:00 am and go, "Hey, I feel like going to a show this morning, but only have one wooly..." Pack'er up and join in on the fun! Nancy is taking day of show entries, even though its nice to do pre-entries. I'm sure you won't regret it. :)

Other reports are that Katie's peanut passed away the other day. She lived exactly 14 days, two weeks. Opened a eye... Its sad but nature will takes its course and it's usually not meant to be for peanuts. :( As much as I wanted to I couldn't get my hopes up. My first peanut was a 2 week-er too. I was crushed when it was time.

I think that is all for tonight... I'm tired. The smoke in the air is exhausting and just slows me down... Last night I barely got any sleep. Bleh.
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