Saturday, February 2, 2008

Stockton Show- 2.2.08 winnings!

Today was a good day, besides of me being unhealthy, it was a nice show day as well to see all my friends. Expecially those whom I haven't seen in quite some time. It made me feel a little bit better of how I've been feeling lately... which is many different long stories, which should be unmentioned on a open blog like this. But I will say one thing- owners of rabbits will take advantage of you, so be careful of what place you put yourself in, or who you are interacting with... I suppose some people don't have a clue how to think of the both sides comming, possibly its greed and maybe some people don't know any better... and thats unfortunate. =[

I'm going to write my results, short and simple, more of the highlights of what happened. I'm really pleased with the comments and results of today. =] I took 7 to show, 6 woolies, 1 fuzzy.

Show A Jersey Woolies:
Sleeptalker- 1/5, BOG, BOB! [LEG]
Pearl- 1/5, BOSG [LEG]
Party Girl- 2/5
Shakira- 1/2 BOSG

Show A American Fuzzy Lops:
Meena- 1/5, BOV, BOB! [LEG]

Show B Jersey Woolies:
Sleeptalker- 1/5, BOSG [LEG]
Abby- 2/5
Party Girl- 2/5
Shakira- 1/2, BOG, BOB! [LEG]

Show B American Fuzzy Lops:
Meena- 1/5, BOSV, BOSB! [LEG]

A couple pictures of our winners...
Susie holding WWR Sleeptalker(BOB show A) and LeSage's Shakira(BOB show B).

Susie holding Hobb's Meena(BOB show A; BOSB show B).

Adding on Legs; Current Count:
Sleeptalker- 2 Legs
Pearl- 3 Legs
Shakira- 12 Legs
Meena- 4 Legs

On another note; I also got Pearl, Shakira, and Sleeptalker registered. =] Thanks a lot -you know who- who took the time to register my rabbits. =P

Time to finnish up my breeding list. Our next show will be Cloverdale, CA 2.16.08!

Until next time...
Susie =]

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