Wednesday, January 30, 2008

'Shakes and 'Fives

Could you say cute?! I think you can. These two little buggers are almost 6 weeks old now(5 weeks in photos). And I have to admit, both are pretty typey. Handshakes, is a blue fox buck, and Highfives, is a broken fawn doe. I'd have to say, your eyes just gleam when you look at them, the colors are striking.

These two babies did have another sibling... a fox buck who passed away young due to falling out of the nest. I'm sure he would have been just as cute, and everytime I look at these two, I don't forget him. I admit he was a little connecting, for being only 12 days, he was most handled, and what a gorgeous color he was.

Fox buck.

Here is Handshakes:

Blue Fox Buck

This is Highfives:

Broken Fawn Doe

Handshakes will be available in the next couple weeks. He is a Blue Fox, which is unshowable but *could* be used for a Fuzzy Otter breeding program. His color may be a little more understandable if I call him a Blue Tort Otter. ;] He's quite colorful! I'll be hanging on to Highfives for a little bit. Though I do have many inquiries on her. =P

Susie =]

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