Friday, February 29, 2008


We don't always have only fuzzy things here at Wooly World Rabbitry, we have a pinch of Californians. These Californians are for my Meat Pens for fair. The litter born yesterday, will be the meat pens shown at Dixon May Fair. The other litter will probably just be shown... I had two litters of Cals, one litter of 9, one 8, and the doe killed the litter of 8, and the other doe went dry. We lost 5 out of the litter of nine, we have 4 left that we have been bottle feeding. What a pain! Sure are cute and very loveable however. =P

Arnold X Vanilla babies born Jan 24th 2008
I think we have two girls, two boys.

Arnold X Millie babies born Feb. 28th 2008
9 babies counting! Mama pulled a lot of fur.

I hope these babies grow up well and healthy. They may be my ticket to Kentucky. ;]

Wooly World Rabbitry

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