Wednesday, February 27, 2008

A Few Pretty Girls

The show season has been awesome kick start to our rabbitry. So far, 2008 results out of 3 show dates(6 shows altogether) I've won four Best of Breed for Jersey Woolies, and two Best Opposite Sex of Breed, and for American Fuzzy Lops one Best of Breed and three Best Opposite Sex of Breed. Plus, several other legs one for classes and group wins. =]

Now, after showing I usually bring home my does and breed them. It's usually the time my does accually feel like breeding, and sometimes conceive. The last two rounds have been bumming rounds as not getting any babies at all.

I wanted to share a couple pictures of some of my does I bred, fingers crossed they take. They look beautiful at the moment, and will be taking a brake from the show season.

LeSage's Shakira
She absolutely beautiful, as you can see! She has a nice even coat, which is hard to get on her. She is currently on leg 13 I belive, but honestly I forget. Somewhere around there. Anywho, I don't show this girl to win, but I show her any chance I get when she is in condition, and its a special treat when she has a pretty even coat.

The other note of her coat, what beautiful siamese sable coloring she has! I have to admit the coloring of Angel's siamese sable Woolies is perfect. Absolutely gorgeous. I love the color. Here's a picture of her masking.

Wooligans Party Girl
I love everything about Party Girl. I guess if I have to fault her I'd fault her ears that could be a little more forward and carried. Those few stray white hairs would be nice to be-gone too. I love this doe. She's currently at 7 legs, and show her whenever I have nothing else to show, or if shes looking beautiful. (I admit though she holds a nice coat 95% of the time. =P )

Now, this pretty girl is NOT a rabbit. Nor a lagomorph or any of the sort. lol. I'd like to put up a picture of my BEAUTIFUL neice, Lily Beatrice. She was born December 24th, Christmas Eve. =] My brother is very proud of her, as much as her mommy. Here she is... =P

Lilly Beatrice- 6 weeks young.

Well, hope you enjoyed my posting! I thought I'd throw something together, since I want to keep this *decently* updated. Sorry guys! >.<;

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