Monday, February 18, 2008

Cloverdale Citrus Fair 2008

Hello all,
The Cloverdale Citrus Fair youth rabbit show that took place on Feb. 17th, 2008. We did GREAT! I'm very proud of the results.

Show A AFL: Allen Mesick
Meena- 1/3, BOSV, BOSB (5th Leg counting)
Earnhart- 2/5

Hobb's Meena- BOSB show A

Show A JW: Allen Mesick
Sleeptalker- 1/1 BOSG
Abby- 1/3 BOG (3rd Leg counting)
Hamlet- 1/2 BOG, BOSB (10th Leg counting)
Shakira- 1/1 BOG, BOB (12th Leg counting)

Shakira wins Best Colored and Overall Wool
Shakira also got honorable mention in show.

Show B AFL: Carol Green
Meena- 2/3
Earnhart- 3/5

Show B JW: Carol Green
Sleeptalker- 1/1 BOSG
Abby- 1/3, BOG, BOB (4th Leg counting)
Hamlet- 1/2, BOG, BOSB (11th Leg counting)
Shakira- 1/1 BOG

WWR Abbygail BOB- show B

Shakira wins Best Colored and Overall Wool (again)

Not too bad, right? I came home with several rosettes and medalions. The comments on my bunnies were all great too. Here are a few pictures:

PFF's Earnhart

WWR Sleeptalker

Earnhart and Meena in their carriers with "Disco Man" ears.

Susie with ribbons and Wooly winners, left to right, Abby, Shakira, and Hamlet.

Susie with BOSB show A winner Meena and Jenny H. with BOB show B winner, Bubba Gump.

Overall, it was a really fun day, I didn't do showmanship due to a sore throat and being congested... =[

Thanks for reading!
Susie =]
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