Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Lookin' Good Fuzzy-butts!

I recently pulled out a couple of fuzzies to groom and I realized that I MUST take pictures of them! All of these little buggers are still not in complete prime coats, but needless to say, they still look pretty hot! And, if you were here at my house, you could feel how nice they are too. ;] Here are some profile shots of them.

Hobb's Katie- Brkn. Opal Junior Doe

Hobb's Tacoma- Blue Tort Senior Buck

PFF's Earnhart- Tort Senior Buck

Kismet's Mr. Feeny- Brkn. Tort Senior Buck

Hobb's Meena- Brkn. Orange Senior Doe

Thats all for now! He hope to have more fuzzy lop babies within the next few months, we just having a hard time getting does bred. I'd really like to have more than 1-2 Fuzzy Lops(if even) up on the Fuzzy table at a time. That would be some fun kickin' competition! =P

Thanks for reading!

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