Thursday, November 13, 2008

Yum pocky yum!

As I type this I'm munching on some Pocky. :) It's been a long day at work- a continuous 10 hour day. I'm not a morning person- but nothing makes me happier than being at the vet clinic in the morning. Seeing my co-workers, boss, doctor all settling in, starting out with some coffee and preps for the day. It's quiet and calm. It puts you in a good sane mood because you know what the day holds for you later. I love saying "Good morning." Its probably one of my favorite phrases because 98% of the time, you get a smile and a "good morning" back. It's just the start of your day.

Sorry for me rambling. I have a few photos to share today. Sorry, not yet the convention pictures. >_< You know a little about what treats I like, what about the bunnies?

1) Oats- oats are a wonderful treat our bunnies enjoy anytime. A hand full of rolled oats a couple days before a show could put a little more condition overall on your bunnies. Some oats mixed in your feed in the winter is a great way to keep dense puffy coats in the winter.

2) Sunflower seeds- need an extra "shine" to those winter coats? ;) A good way to gloss is to give a pinch of black oil sunflower seeds every couple of days. Mixing some into your rabbit feed works too- just make sure you do not add too much, you don't want to make the feed to hot.

3) Hay cubes- alfalfa or timothy, hay cubes are especially awesome for shows! It's a good way to avoid all that hay that gets stuck on or in their coats. Make sure they are fresh cubes, get them from a feed store or online where you know they are fresh. Mine will not touch the ones from a pet store, they are old, not fresh, and just plain yucky.

4) Shredded wheat- a good way to make my bunnies go bonkers is to wave a strawberry frosted mini wheat above them. Such torture! LOL. Not too many, though it is hard not to give "just one more" after they finish the first one or two you give them. The imprint of a sad puppy dog face up against the wire cage door comes to my mind. Heart breaking! :P

5) Papaya cubes- papaya is great for preventing wool block. A good friend of mine, Lisa of Wooligan's Rabbitry, her children used to call this "bunny candy". Most defiantly correct! A couple small cubes every other day or a spear a week was what I was always told as recommendation, however, we don't give it as often as we'd like. Pineapple works too. I prefer feeding it dried.

Just thought I'd share! :)

Hare's Mystic "GG2", who is for sale.

WWR New York Minute, a sable point doe out of Hare's Mystic and LeSage's Shakira.

WWR Rawk, a very nice Siamese Sable buck, litter mate to the doe above.

Far now...

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Tru-Luv Rabbitry said...

How I miss your posts Susie. Really happy to see photos. Hope you upload convention photos soon.

Thanks for another great post!