Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Though it is Later, We are Closer.

Closer to Fresno, that is! We stopped at Tulare where we stayed in the same Motel as the night before. It was late, but we were closer to Fresno which means a little more time to sleep in the morning.

We wake up, still, it's early. Get ready and this night we left the bunnies in the car. It was cool enough and we just covered them. We pack up, and go. Bunnies are alert and quite happy looking. Maybe they were just happy to see us.

We drove and hour to Fresno, where Katie and I were mislead by directions. The fog was thicker than the morning before, and the scariest part on that adventure where a couple dogs chasing cars, yes, in the fog. Sometimes you can't believe how irresponsible people are with there pets... we did turn around, stopped at a gas station and the directions took us the complete opposite way, we make it to the show on time though.

We meet up with Rachelle of Wroyal Reign Lops and decide to set up with her. Woolies are quickly on the table, where Amy of Amy's Bunny Barn greets me. It was great to see Amy again, it's been a few months. We were waiting for Amber, of Wonder Woolies Rabbitry and I was wondering where Michael, of Silent Springs Rabbitry was. Can you say was I nervous?!

Rachelle's English Lop set up, nice!

Mine and Katie's bunnies.

Fuzzy Lops go up the same time of woolies, so I have to pick one or the other to watch... I chose the Woolies. I hadn't had this judge in a very long time and value his opinions, I wanted to take it in. :)

The results went a little like this:
Show A:
Brightside's Paix- 1/?, BOG, BOB! (LEG)
White Oak's Sesshomaru- 1/? BOSG
WWR Constant Comment- 2/2
WWR Raquel- 1/1
Thumperhill's Ammadon- 1/5 BOG BOSB! (LEG)
Wooligans/WWR Ro Sham Bo- 1/2 BOG
Hobb's Meena- 2/3
Twin Elm's Independance Day- 1/3 BOV! (LEG)

Unfortunately, our Amber missed show A Jersey Woolies. But shortly after both our friends meet up, Amber and Michael. It was good to know both of them were safe, sometimes you can't help but be concerned with how bad the fog was! I've never seen fog so bad, it was as worse as it could get.

It was time to just hang out, and chat. Best part of shows are your friends. Rachelle, Katie, Michael and I spent most of the time together, Amber joining in when she could. I was getting very tired, I took a few pictures of the show room but my camera was dead. At the Shell Gas Station it cost $4.00 for TWO DOUBLE A BATTERIES! Uh-uhh. Out of my price range.


Fresno Showroom.

Rachelle brought out her English Lop, Ashton, to show Amber's boys and talk with them about the breed. Not only did Amber and her boy's valued this information, Katie and I did too. The breed is very gentle and loving, which we had never known. I think Rachelle has convinced a lot of us. I don't think this breed could have a better representer. I'm compassionate for this breed, maybe I'll decide to have one one day. :) Here is a picture of Amber's boys looking into the large ears to see the brain, or just maybe, through to see each other! LOL!

Too cute!

After a Taco-Bell run, Woolies go up again. I'm eating a Nacho Bell Grande while watching my animals being judged and carrying some, too. Here are our Woolies results.
Show B:
Brightside's Paix- 1/7 BOG, BOB! (4th LEG!)
White Oak's Sesshomaru- 2/4
WWR Constant Comment- 2/2
WWR Raquel- 1/1
Thumperhill's Ammadon- 1/5 BOG BOSB! (LEG)
Wooligans/WWR Ro Sham Bo- 1/2 BOG (LEG)

Hoorah for consistency! I love it. :) I'm very happy for my Paix.

Michael's show B rolls around, and in the process Katie and I gave his mini lop's some luvins. Michael has done a beautiful job with the color on type standard. I've never seen such pretty colors(Chocolate Chestnut, anyone?) and Michael surely knows what he is talking about. A+++ for typy color mini lops. Such sweet bunnies too.

Picture taken by Rachelle of Wroyal Reign Lops. Thanks Rachelle!

Show B fuzzies, finally! I'm getting tired and so is everybody else. I was so ecstatic to see Katie's little junior buck, "Nova" win BOB! Now that isn't something you see too often! Congrats to Katie, we all know this is going to be one fabulous buck. I have to admit, I'm quite scarred. lol. Our buck, Twin Elm's Independence Day, takes 1/3 and BOV again, winning another LEG.

We all teamed up and helped Rachelle carry her 4 big babies over to the judges table. I've never carried a big rabbit before(besides my Californians). English Lop's surely beat that! It was great though, they don't kick or struggle. PLUS. :) Rachelle's doe win BOB.

Awesomeness, the day is over, besides one thing, Best In Show! It was really cool, Katie had her Fuzzy Lop, Rachelle her English Lop, and me my Jersey Wooly. We put our kids next to each other, too cute!



Most of the BIS table.

Katie's little JUNIOR Buck got an Honorable Mention! *passes out* That will be one super buck.

Long day, I empty my water cups so they don't splash on the ride home, pack up and go. Back into the car we always know... Katie and I meet up with my mom where my mom came to pick me up like when my dad went to drop me off. It's all so silly. You can do so much in 48 hours. You get all baffled of "What just happened?" lol. A lot of fun, and a lot of memories made. :)

Hmm... whats next?! ;)
Susie Cederlof
Wooly World Rabbitry

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Your adventure really amazes me. It is so inspiring that I really hope we will have shows here one day.

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