Monday, November 24, 2008

Random Road Trip

Katie and I can be so random. Where have we been? Tuesday night we decided that we would go down to Southern California, for a rabbit show.

On Friday night we met up at "Flying J" where Katie and I started our adventure. Our first stop was Modesto, CA where we stopped to eat. We really wanted to go to the mall across the street, LOL, but dang we had a long drive to go. After we ate we drove some more, where we made it down to Tulare, CA and we stayed the night... snuck the bunnies into the room and crashed.


The next morning, we wake up and it's early... the fog was ridiculous and we head out for the rest of the way down to L.A. It's been a very long time since I've been down south. I've forgotten how beautiful it was, the sun started rising when we were crossing the Grape Vine and the pollution in the sky made some beautiful colors. lol.


We get there on time, we see Amber and decide to set up next to her. But this is no ordinary show... its like a TAIL-GATE PARTY! The show was in a parking lot where you pulled up and just set your bunnies outside the car. Katie and I wondered if this was normal, and shortly after met Sarah of Sarah's Bunny Barn(Mini Lops in So. Cal) and got to ask that question, it was not normal. It was great meeting Sarah, really cool person, her mini lops did exceptionally well too. :)


My first show was Jersey Woolies show B. It was before JW show A. How silly. There was a great turn out for Jersey Woolies! 30+ in open. 15 in youth. I had shown my woolies in Open.


Here are our JW results:
Show A:
Brightside's Paix- 1/3, BOG, BOSB! (LEG)
White Oak's Sesshomaru- 2/3
WWR Constant Comment- 1/2 BOSG
WWR Raquel- 1/1 BOSG
Thumperhill's Ammadon- 1/1 BOG (LEG)
Wooligans/WWR Ro Sham Bo- 1/1 BOG

Show B:
Brightside's Paix- 1/3, BOG, BOSB! (LEG)
White Oak's Sesshomaru- 1/3
WWR Constant Comment- 1/2
WWR Raquel- 1/1
Thumperhill's Ammadon- 1/1 BOSG
Wooligans/WWR Ro Sham Bo- 1/1 BOSG

WOW! Not too bad at all! Congrats to Amber who won BOB in show A and B with her beautiful Tan Pattern and Broken Bucks. :)

I had also shown a couple of American Fuzzy Lops who didn't do half bad either. :) It was so great seeing some new AFL faces, and great meeting Pam of So. Cal. She was a wonderful lady who I look forward to seeing in the future.

Joey Shults.

Dr. Scott Williamson

This is how the fuzzies went:
Show A:
Hobb's Meena- Last (all I wrote. LOL)
Twin Elm's Independance Day- 1/4, BOSV, BOSB! (LEG)

Show B:
Hobb's Meena- 1/3
Twin Elm's Independance Day- 1/4, BOV, BOB! (LEG)

What can I say? I'm uber happy. :) Katie got BOB show A and BOSB show B with her beautiful doe, Harmony. I love when things swap and are consistent. VERY cool. :P
Katie and I with our winners pictured with the show A judge, Joey Shults

Amber, her two sons, Katie and I all packed up and went out to eat together. Loads of fun. At the end of the day its all about the friends and memories you make in this hobby. After that, we headed back towards Fresno, where again we stayed in Tulare. Man, are we tired.

Stayed tuned for day two!!!
Susie Cederlof :)
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