Thursday, May 15, 2008

There's a party in my tummy!

So yummy! So yummy!

I just absolutely love singing this to my bunnies. They seem to recognize it too when I give frosted mini wheats. Its absolutely cute to sing it while I make them 'dance' for their treat. :P

So you you moms may recognize this... it is from the show Yo Gabba Gabba which is kids show on Nickelodeon I'm a good fan off. Yes, I'm 16. But the show has so many catchy tunes, and cute songs I love to sing to my bunnies. The makers of the show are the Aquabats, who is a Ska band which I very much enjoy, seen them in concert once too.

Some of you moms may recognize this show or this tune. I couldn't help but post that my bunnies kinda well... love when I sing it to them. Most come to the front and start looking around. Of course, when its not hot. ;)

We lost one baby californian to the heat. I've been bringing them inside now to lower and hopefully eliminate that risk.

If anybody is interested, I'll be making banners and signatures again. If you are interested, please email I need monies to go to my convention room/rabbit shed fund. :P

I have a couple woolies and few fuzzies currently available. And more babies on the way. check out my sale page on my website! The link is in my links bar. Still taking convention 'reservations'.

Maybe I'll have something a little more meaningful to talk about tomorrow! Its sooo hot outside. Today I think it hit about 97*F. Yuck. Misters are on... So I doubt pictures. Besides maybe our roses and lowquats.


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