Saturday, May 3, 2008

Stockton Show ~ Updated Webbie!

Today was a long day. I have to say it was a good day though, besides the other family stuff that is going on to be left unsaid. My rabbits did pretty well and got good comments. Best of all it was relaxing, and I got to talk to several breeders for not just a little while, long conversations. It's been a while since a sort of 'Wooly Group' has formed and talked about several things. Well, atleast I haven't cause I'm usually busy and yada yada. ;)

It's come to my attension that our exibitor count and each show is lowering... lowering... Its getting rough for me as I'm a really competitive person(in a sense I like stiff competition, win or loose) but its just getting smaller. At this rate I'll be the only one at Stockton next show! The gas prices are OUTRAGEOUS and its very pick and select which shows everyone attends. However our Stockton show today was at 11 entries in youth where it was usual to be in the fifties count. What happened? I do know some of our friends have left the business.

I'm hoping and seeing more people getting interested in our wonderful breed a little more lately. I think its a wonderful thing. Our breed is so gental and easy-to-care for, the competition is GREAT where your not there all day, we show in groups which make leg access just perfect. Theres nothing like a Jersey Wooly in my eyes, I may love the American Fuzzy Lops but the woolies will always own my heart.

I went over several seniors, juniors, and babies helping some of our fellow members out. Our stuff we have out here in CA really is truly amazing! I know several of us Fuzzy and Wooly breeders are hitting it up in Convention in Kentucky(including myself). This is a checkpoint in preperation to our 2009 Convention in our own home state California. Come to the warm side(we got sun!). Though those who are not attending, it may be a dissapointment, but if we just stick side by side we can teach our experiences with others and give them the opperitunity we had.

I sold a few bunnies. I bought a new herd buck from Angel. I'm crossing fingers that I can get some nice babies from him, I've needed a herd buck for a little while now. I'm extremly low on bucks and not only that, a couple arn't producing and a couple are soon to leave. I'm buck short. I want to thank Angel a butt-load for this guy, he's going to fit in really well and I see "visions" lol. I'll get pictures of him ASAP when he finnishes molting, kk? ;)

Again Stockton was a blast. It got my mine set off some things and my buds will always make me happy. Of course talking about rabbits to me is like taking a kid in a candy store, its just so exiting and you get to discuss so much, besides the part where you want rock candy but momma won't let you have it, in the bunny tense.

Who's all ready for the PORTOLA VALLEY rabbit show? I know all of us Fuzzy breeders are always exited(out of our minds, huh?) Talking to our Wooly owners and exibitors, they already feel the vibe. When I talk about it I my hands go to my hair and move my hair around and I do some sort of dance, its just a way to express the exitement. I can't wait, and anybody who lives near or far really should honestly consider it. (triple show, beautiful backyard and location, laid back show, and yummy pot luck!)

And I'm still rambling. :P I had a nice day(must I say this 20 times?) I'll finnish this up now short and sweet. :)

I updated my website tonight. The Juniors, Nursery, For Sale, and Home pages are all updated. Tons of pictures on the Juniors/Nursery pages. Be sure to check everything out, take a look around and sign my guestbook. I LOVE those guestbook signings!!!

I hope everyone had a great day and those who have convention babies due right about this time have wonderful, successful litters and winners. :)

Wooly World Rabbitry
P.S. Sisily had two DOA kits today, it was obvious she had complecations. I'm glad she had them and she's okay. Can't wait to get something live from her!!!

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