Sunday, May 11, 2008

Dixon May Fair, B-52's, on the News, and babies.

Theres so much to talk about! I've been gone for the week at Dixon May Fair, as it is still in session, I will be home for good after tonight. Fair is one of my favorite times of the year. This year was great, and like every year, once its over I'm glad its over for the time being... Its the perfect amount of time(6 days) and its not too long or too short.

Can you tell Highfives wants to go home?!

This year I saw the B-52's playing live. I'm a good fan of their music, and was ecstatic to see them. They sound so great live. However, the bad new is I missed ZZ-Top because I missed my fur kids at home. If I didn't come home that night I wouldn't have seen them in 72 hours. It was just too much.

The next morning after the concert, Mark S. Allen came to the Dixon May Fair. My friends and I all got our animals and were on the news. I hope some of you saw me on CW31! I've been a HUGE fan of Mark so meeting him was GREAT. It was unfortunate the show was cut short~ as I was waiting for an interview, I was a little nervous with that big camera and wide shiny lens standing in front of me while Mark S. Allen counted down until live. But the show was cut short. Oh well.

Auction was good yesterday. I sold my 3rd place winning pen to my good friend Linda T. Thank you SO much Linda! This helps pay some of my plane ticket to get me to ARBA Convention in Kentucky this October.

This year I didn't do too much public display as usual. I was really busy with my own stuff and my friends cause I was helping her with her goat stuff, and of course, other rabbit stuff. This is a picture of one of my Californians from my meat pen named "Pepper" and my friend Kelsea's Holland Lop "Boogie". They sure were cute little guys.

Boogie and Pepper

And here is a cute picture I took of Fives who loves wild cherry caprisun. lol.

"Nom nom nom!"

As for Jersey Wooly babies updates. My goodness, we have lots of babies! Here's a list:
2 Smoke Pearl Does
1 Smoke Pearl Buck
1 Seal Doe
1 REW Buck
1 Sable Point Doe
1 Sable Point Buck
2 Siamese Sable Bucks
1 Blue Buck
1 Blue Doe
4 Chestnut Bucks
2 Opal Does(1 Sold)
1 Blue Otter Doe (For Sale)
1 Black Doe
1 Black Otter Doe
2 Black Otter Bucks
1 Brkn. Blue Buck
1 Brkn. Black Otter Doe
1 REW baby(?)

This is who is currently bred and due within the next week:
3 Cal does, Maria, Vanilla, and Millie all bred to Arnold for meat pen babies for SCF.
Abby X Mystic due May 19th
Ariel X Ammadon due May 19th

Other does bred:
Zoe X Mew bred May 2nd
Sisily X Ammadon bred May 7th
Sia X Tacoma bred May 11th
Bug X Hamlet bred May 11th
Katie X Ro bred May 11th
Hanna X Ammadon bred May 11th

Thats all for now... Babies are getting cuter everyday! :)

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Tru-Luv Rabbitry said...

Hi Susie,

I see some ribbons on HighFive's cage, congratulations on that!

You do take really pretty photos. Are you using a DSLR camera?

Just wanted you to know that I do enjoy your blog too. You have really great pictures. Something I have to work on.