Saturday, May 17, 2008

Sable Point Babies

Ohhh how I'm starting to just love this color! My first Sable Point Jersey Wooly born here is WWR Honeybee, a doe born from Moe(Sable Point) and Pia(chocolate Tort) before both left us. (Moe went to Franks Family Rabbitry and Pia passed away of birthing complecations after givng birth to Honeybee.) Then, we had a pop-up of this little guy from Shakira X Mystic. Shakira is Siamese Sable, while Mystic is Smoke Pearl. It was cute to see a Sable Point baby in the box. Both parents have a sable point sire.

I took a few pictures of my Sable Point buck from Shakira X Mystic. I guess I have a sable point pair! At the moment, both complement each other really well. We'll see how they develop. ;)




What a cutie. My camera died before I could get more/better shots. :(

Susie Cederlof
Wooly World Rabbitry

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ThreeLittleLadiesRabbitry said...

how cool that you got sable point jerseys. We have a couple in hollands and just love the appearance. We've never considered them for jerseys, cause we weren't sure how it would look with the long wool. Thanks for sharing!

The Ladies at
Three Little Ladies Rabbitry