Thursday, June 28, 2007

New bunnies!

Some time ago, Lisa Knott of Wooligan's Rabbitry had to sell her herd due to a new family member, a baby boy named Ethan. =) I inquired for a few bunnies from her herd. We finally had the time to pick up our new buns! Here are the new stars!

Wooligan's Morgan
Broken Blue Senior Doe
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Morgan is a beauty. I have always loved from the first time I saw her when she was a wee baby. She has this gigantic head, thick furry ears, nice body with great long flowing wool. I have her half sister, Skyler, who is a BIS winner at our County fair against some really nice bunnies since our local youth show more at ARBA shows(who win big consitantly) so Skylers win was really surprising. Hopefully Morgan can rack up a few wins before she hits the nursury. =)
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Morgan: "Time for my close up." ;)

Wooligan's (no name currently)
Broken Smoke Pearl Senior Doe
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Wowie! What a beautiful little doe we have here! Its a shame she is a charlie, but that is okay, I'm thankful to have her. She has a very correct wooly head, beautiful cuvature, she has nice short ears, a nice compact body with both depth and width! She also carries a lovely coat of wool, its a little open right now but I belive thats because of the weather. Very typy, she is a daughter of Lisa's BIS winner, Wooligan's Veruca Salt. Watch for this girls babies in the nursery!

Last but not least...
Wooligan's Tater Cake
Orange Senior Buck
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Tater Cake is not ready for his body shot. =P
I remember Tater as a wee baby. He sure was a cutie! He has grown up so much, and is cureently going through a huge molt and through his uglies. Poor little guy. He has a VERY nice wide short body, I can't wait to work with this guy. =) I've been tryin with oranges for a while now, but my other orange buck isn't giving me any babys. =/ So, I should have some soon! =P
Huge thanks to Lisa for these three buns! They are wonderful additions and they will be spoiled. =P I sure have fallen in love with them. THANK YOU! =D

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