Friday, June 22, 2007

Does bred!

Finally! I felt it was time to get some does bred. =) My does have been wanting to breed for a while now, I think they are happy. =P So here is a list of what we have due in a month! I can't wait, I'm hoping for some super nice show bunnies. =)

Jersey Woolies:
Due 7.11.07
Erb's Boulder(G.C. 15 legs) X Wooligan's Cleo(4/5 legs)

Due 7.19.07
WWR Sleepwalker X WWR Pearl(2 legs)

Due 7.20.07
WWR Sleepwalker X White Oak's Blue Belle(2 legs)
Wooligans/WWR Ro Sham Bo(3 legs) X Cidar Ridge's Blue Rain

Due 7.23.07
WWR Sleepwalker X Wooligan's Party Girl(6 legs)

American Fuzzy Lops:
Due 7.23.07
Kismet's Mr. Feeny X FH's Luvlee
Kismet's Mr. Feeny X AK's Creme Puff

Wish me the best of luck! Email me if you would be interested in any of the offspring produced. =) I may update this in a few days when I breed some more. ;)

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