Friday, June 22, 2007

How it started...

There is always a start for everyone. Some are different, some are the same. As for mine, its in between. I deffinantly didn't know that this would be the future ahead of me then.

It all started with a bunny from the pet store. (Haha, everyones introduction to their story. =P ) Almost 5 years ago, we had seen the love and compasion our neighbors had with their new bunny. One day at a pet store we saw this adorable, sweet little dutch bunny. I fell in love and with the okay from my dad, we brought him home. We went with a more simple name. Mr. Bunny.

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Mr. Bunny
A couple of months later, I come home from school, and what do I see? Another bunny! Haha, yes, my mom had brought home another bunny. Rosie, who is a broken chestnut french lop mix. Little did we know that she was gonna be a big bun! =P Looking back now, she only could have been about 4 weeks. She was a skiddish little girl, still is. She is such a sweetheart though.
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After getting bit by the bunny bug, we looked into something a little more. 4-H! My parents talked to me about it, and it sounded very exiting. One day we were going into the pet store, and there was a cage with a few Jersey Woolies in it. 1 buck, the rest were does. They were pedigreed, tattooed, and showable! We decided to pick out the chocolate doe, who's name was Lil'. She was a sweet bunny. My best friend Dorissa, came back the next day and bought the buck, Lil' Mojag.
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I went to my first show a few weeks later. Lil' was DQ'ed for being over weight. I remember her getting two comments, good ears and nice color. =) I brought home my very first ribbon that day, a rainbow ribbon that said "Participant". A week later, guess what we find in Lil's litter box? 5 healthy babies! Goodness, this isn't what we wanted! We remember she was in the same cage with Mojag and the other does. Waalaa! Lil' gave me 3 blacks, 1 blues, and 1 siamese sable. We kept 3 babies, 1 black, the blue, and the siamese sable. I named these babies Ajax(black buck), Angel(blue doe), and Axel(s. sable buck). I showed them for my very first time at Dixon May Fair 2005. Both Angel and Axel were DQ'ed for white nails. I took it pretty tough and after that I looked into showing SHOW rabbits.
I was web browsing one day, and came across a website with the rabbitry name of Wooligans. She had a REW buck one her sale page. I talked ot my mom a bit, and inquired on getting my first SHOW rabbit. Lisa emailed me back and we decided to meet eachother at a Stockton show. That day we brought home Wooligan's Mr. K. =) She had also entered him to show, he won his first leg with winning 1/5 and BOSG. I was very exited as a new I was going a new and good direction for my herd.
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Mr. K and I.
And it continued from there. Lisa kept me updated with rabbits, I bought another doe from her, Wooligan's Olivia an Opal doe and Wooligan's Party Girl a black otter doe. Olivia has a leg to credit and big group wins too. Party gathered up 6 legs, a few of those being BOBs and BOSBs.
The next couple shows Dorissa decided to give me Mojag, I bought a chin doe, and got a chestnut doe in the raffle. Here I bred Mr. K to Chin Chin and Mojag to Nutmeg. I got my two very first planned litters. Chin Chin kindled 3, 1 Chin buck(LBBB's(or WWR?) Jeb) , 1 Self Chin doe, and a Siamese Sable doe. The shaded doe continued to win me one of my very first homebred legs at an open show. Nutmeg kindled 4, 1 chin buck, 2 chin does, and a blue otter buck. The chestnut doe named WWR Jenny won my *very* first homebred leg for BOG. The chin buck went to live with Dorissa, who now carries 2 legs, and Zoe became my very first homebred Grand Champion, with a total of 4 legs today.
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Nutmeg's litter.
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Chin Chin's litter.
I want to give a HUGE thanks to Lisa Knott of Wooligans Rabbitry. She helped me out BUNCHES and as much as she could. I would never be where I am without her. =D THANK YOU LISA! =DD

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