Friday, July 10, 2009

Portola Valley Summer Show

We had a fun day at the show. I didn't have much to show and all I brought were bucks. Currently all of my does are either on litters or molting. What can you do, it's summer!

We got there an hour late and missed on class for woolies(Tan Pattern Junior Bucks), and an add on since I wasn't able to bring my Shaded Senior Doe, Shakira. I brought Caudill's Slim Shady(Self Senior Buck) as a replacement, as well as the regular line up of Wooligans/WWR Ro Sham Bo(Agouti Senior Buck), WWR Aladin(Agouti Senior Buck), and White Oak's Seshomaru(Self Senior Buck).

Placings were all pretty consistant. Ro Sham Bo was 1/2 and BOG all three shows, Aladin 2/2, Shady 3/3 in the two shows he showed in, and Seshomaru 1/2, BOSG, BOSB in show A under Carol Green and the next two shows 1/3 BOSG.

I did bring one fuzzy, Abraham, and he was First BJB both shows.

Most of all, it was a super fun show. The weather, food, friends, rabbits were all wonderful. :)

Here we have Sesh and Ro Sham Bo.




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