Sunday, July 19, 2009

Four Sable Girls

Sisily X Ammadon babies- we ended up getting 4 Siamese Sable DOES. It's a tad hard to tell them apart, and a more challenge of which one to keep.



WWR Evelyn

WWR Emelia

I decided to hold back two, Evelyn & Emelia. One will be available at Convention.

The first two are availble now as pets only. I only take serious inquiries, ESPECIALLY on pets. So if you are seriously interested, you can email me at if you do not hear from me, please leave a comment back to this blog. I hear my email doesn't get emails sent all the time.

This is the same cross as my Estrella. I hope they turn out just as gorgeous, I'm sure they will.

I have fair tomorrow, I'm still not decided if I want to go or not. We'll see.


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