Monday, July 20, 2009

More Juniors

There are a few types of blogs. Ones that inform and ones that share. Or both. I've had a blog for a couple years now I believe, and most of it has been sharing. I share photos, happenings, show information, general ramblings that go on in my own rabbitry or shows. Sometimes I'm quite saddened that most of it is about "me, me, me" as I could say, but honestly, it's hard for me to think of something, and just write about it.

I'm a hands on talker. I love educating through life and doing the best I could to explain something. Through the last couple years I've actually made educational videos, but I never have the confidence to post them for people to view. I think I'm going to have to change that.

Most who have met me at shows know the kind of person I am, I love to look and opinion things, and for questions, I give full throttle answers. It's like I don't go away or shut up, LOL!

I'm always encouraging people to ask questions. I'm not going to say, "There are no stupid questions." because there IS, (lol) but its the manner of asking the question is what makes it not stupid. I was once told by my favorite teacher, "A smart person asks questions." because it IS completely true. How will you ever know if you never ask?

I generally don't have enough time to respond to email just question based. Emailing is such a pain in the butt, but I do respond to comments. If a question is asked through my blog via comments I usually answer it there, and sometimes, if there is a link to the questioner's other blog I will got there and post it. Sometimes I answer it later at a show, or through facebook, aim, etc.

If anybody has a topic they'd like me to discuss, all power to you! Just post it in the comment section and I'll do my best to answer it. Sometimes questions I get create new blog ideas, I love sharing with people about my hobby.

With that being said, I plan on taking a video I may about wool and quite possibly posting it here. I haven't heard anything yet on the JW Proposition Vote, so we'll see how that is.

Last but not least here are some photos of my current Juniors:

JG's Pochahontas - REW Junior Doe - 7 weeks
(Reilly's/Brightside's SP X BlueStar's Candy)
This little doe as well as her two siblings below are offspring of a doe I bought bred by DayKota Moat in Wisnconsin. Check out her website here. Pochahontas is a nice little doe, she has a great body and fabulous wool.

JG's Paco - Sable Point Junior Buck - 7 weeks
(Reilly's/Brightside's SP X BlueStar's Candy)
Very cute little boy with tons of personality. Pretty good Sable Point color too. :)

WWR Candice - REW Junior Doe - 7 weeks
(Reilly's/Brightside's SP X BlueStar's Candy)
Candice is a bigger doe but HOLY MACAROLE is she nice. She's going to make a fantastic brood doe someday. Rock solid body and "too much" wool!

WWR Rowynn - Chestnut Junior Doe - 7 weeks
(WWR Alladin X WWR Estrella)
She's still very tiny but promising.

We have a few more babies growing up, as well as a handful of does bred! I'm so ready for convention! :)



Carol said...

Just saying hi! I read your blog when I get a chance and love to see photos of juniors.

Keep it up!

NB Rabbitry said...

Can I steal Rowynn??? lol

Northern Breeze Rabbitry