Friday, June 26, 2009


I haven't had too much to talk about lately. I had several does due and I got a whole handful of peanuts. Usually, they don't hit me too hard but everyonce in a while- they do. It's sad to see a life born fated to death. I've tried many times to "save" a peanut, trying to get it to nurse more often, but it's never failed that the kit eventually passes on.

I wonder sometimes- why is it that way? A peanut is clearly a bunny with the "double-dwarf" gene. When I see a peanut born, I think of it something like a preme? Why is it do hard for a baby bunny to strive for life where a premature baby can? It just gets to me. I do think though that the few "peanut surviors" on this planet (hey, who says a peanut CAN'T survive? I think anything is possible!) are still doomed to early deaths. Poor things just don't look right. They surely are cute, but just not healthy. I've had a few survive to two weeks old. Until their death they just flush out.

Michael Jackson passed away yesterday. He surely was a king of music. Whether he was the best musician ever or bad because of his allegedlations, I think MJ still had an outlook on a brighter future. Just like all human beings, I think all of our intensions are for the good. I must say, I'm pretty shocked. Last I heard was about him trying to get his life back on track... maybe he rest in peace and soul live on through his music for future generations.

On a brighter note, we have 1 Broken Opal American Fuzzy Lop baby in the box! Totally cute and looks like we have a winner. ;) This kit is out of Hobb's Katie and Hobb's Tacoma. I'm so excited to say the least! This is my first Tacoma baby. He is a CHUNKY blue tort buck I got from Leslie a couple years ago.

BIG head, short round well filled body helps me determine a kit good or bad at newborn ages.

Candy's babies have come in a 2 REW does, 1 Sable Point Buck, 1 Sable Point Doe, and a Broken Sable Point Buck. The Broken has been a smaller kit since birth, and is looking to dwindle down in size and health. I'm thinking I'm going to have ot give him critical care and hope for the best. Raising rabbits has it's ups and downs!


Several photos are coming from my phone as curently I don't know where the camera is. Sorry for the poor qualities!

Sisily's kits come in as 4 Siamese Sable Does. Too funny! I also have one Chestnut kit from Estrella, who is also a doe. I have a feeling next go round is going to be a buck boom.

I also thought I'd give an update on our dog, Rabb. Few months ago he was severly sick and had many seizure episodes. In treatment he starting acting rabid and we didn't really know what was going on. We started him on phenobarbatol and has gotten MUCH better. Not only is he not sick anymore, he also is a much happier dog! He used to have a standard chihuahua grumpiness attitude but is so much happier. Doc thinks that his brain was swollen and thats how he was crazy and vicious. Having little hope is so sad for a best friend. Eats you up inside.


Last but not least, I'm currently drinking Chai Tea and Soy Milk combination. Does anybody else drink this?! It is so yummy! It tastes like pumpkin pie... Leslie H. of Hobb's Habbitry brought it up last visit. I was so excited when I heard that! You don't have to drink it with Soy, Leslie uses regualar milk(it calls for it anyways) but I prefer soy. The Chai Tea is a mix called the The Original Oregon Chai Tea Latte Mix. Nom nom. :)


Today is slightly a better day for me but I need to get ready for work. I hope everyone has a fabulous afternoon. :)



Tru-Luv Rabbitry said...

Thanks for the tip on how to determine a beautiful kit. You are right, those that are CHUNKY grow up nicer compared to those LEAN ones. I like them to be WELL DONE too...


Cody said...

i love Chai Tea Lattes, but I always ask Starbucks to use Soy milk instead lmao