Thursday, June 4, 2009

Mimic A Stranger

Last February, at the Turlock show my lovely friend Teri of Sonshine Rabbitry let me take home a little Netherland Dwarf, black buck. His name is Sonshine's "Mimic A Stranger" but I usually think of him as JB, his ear number.

Dwarfs were my second breed years ago after getting real show Woolies. I had a few. I had a doe who was too small and a tragic death of my other doe, "Roxy" who suffered from a brain tumor. That was very hard on me for my age and I decided dwarfs were not suited for me, and then I sold my buck.

Over the years I have anyways been the one to watch them from away, with much love. I decided to bring Mimic home because I couldn't deny Teri's offer. I'm glad I did. I really like him a lot, he's kind of cool! :)



Mimic won his division at Dixon May Fair. There was a good number of animals. I let a friend of mine stud him to her Tort doe, and they are due for babies around the 10th. Exciting! :)