Saturday, October 18, 2008

Convention- 1 week away!

Convention is one week away! I'm SO nervous! Eeek!

Stockton is tomorrow, I'm delivering some sale buns, however, I was to busy to ever enter. LOL. I love seeing friends, so that will be great. :)

I got pictures!

This is a broken chestnut Jersey Wooly X Fuzzy Lop cross. At least he's cute! What a silly set of ears though!

WWR Pure Morning- Brkn. Chinchilla Junior Doe, what a doll!

WWR Olga- Blue Tort Senior Doe, what a chunky little girl...

WWR Hawt Dayum- Smoke Pearl Senior Doe. Long time, no see! She matured out pretty cute. :)

DTL's Lee- Orange Junior Buck. He will be attending convention. He's a real cutie.

White Oak's Blue Belle- I love this doe, she has gorgeous bangs and side trimmings!

Opal Junior Buck- JW X AFL cross. He's the brother to the Brkn. Chestnut guy at the top. This guy is all around CUTE!

Susie :)


Tru-Luv Rabbitry said...

And as usual, you always top it all up with great photos. Your rabbits are stunning! I am betting that you will win big always! Keep those photos coming. LOVE EM!

4 Kings Rabbitry said...

WWR Pure Morning is just stunning! Wow, your woolies are just gorgeous, you're my role model Susie.;-)Hope you take lots of pics at the convention!