Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Our Stockton Winnings, Convention is quickly approaching!!!

We attended the Stockton, CA show last weekend, and did acceptionally well! I was showing a good amount of Junior Jersey Woolies who had just made weight. I have to say, I was quite proud to put on and take off my animals who were showing.

The numbers were AMAZING! The last Stockton show I remember the numbers being low and dissapointing. There were 45 Jersey Woolies in Open and 22 Jersey Woolies in youth, but only 10 Fuzzy Lops in youth which was a little low, but acceptional. I showed my Jersey Woolies(besides two) in Open. :)

Here are our results:

Show A (Youth) Fuzzies:
Lucky Lop's Addison- 1/3, BOV, BOB! (First LEG)
DTL's Lee- 1/1 BOSV
WWR Fives- 2/3

Show A OPEN Woolies:
WWR Little Steps- 2/2
WWR Whoa, Nelly- 1/2
WWR Estrella- 1/5! (First LEG)
WWR Jane Fonda- DQ, mismatch nails.
LeSages Shakira- 1/5, BOSG, BOSB! (Fourteen LEG)
WWR Abby- 2/2
WWR Raquel- 1/2, and close to the BOSG winner. ;)
WWR J1- 1/1 BOG

Show A YOUTH Woolies:
Wooligans Charmin- 1/2 BOSG
WWR Camron- 1/1

Show B Fuzzies:
Lucky Lop's Addison- 1/2 BOSV, BOSB (second LEG)
DTL's Lee- missing card
WWR Fives- missing card

Show A OPEN Woolies:
WWR Little Steps- 2/2
WWR Whoa, Nelly- 1/2, BOG, first leg!
WWR Estrella- 3/5
WWR Jane Fonda- 5/5 amazing comments
LeSages Shakira- 2/5
WWR Abby- 1/2
WWR Raquel- 1/2, BOSG!
WWR J1- 1/1

Show A YOUTH Woolies:
Wooligans Charmin- 1/2 BOSG
WWR Camron- 1/1 BOSG!

And congratulations to Desi who won BOB Open show A with WWR Sir Mix A Lot!!! (and man, am I stupid for selling him, but I'm so happy he couldn't be with a better owner! :D)

I brought home a super cute little Chestnut Fuzzy Holland from the Maki family. Thank you so much Sarah! She's a doll.

It was a busy but great show day. Of course seeing our friends was awesome too. I kinda didn't see the wooly gang too much because most of the day I was at different tables with my bunnies. :P

So, the other night we entered for Convention. I thought I was going to be nervous as I was making the entry but it was super quick and easy! I entered 8, two fuzzy lops and 6 jersey woolies. I'm excited! One month away... I hope everyone keeps their coats together. Nerve wracking! LOL.

I need to get you all pictures of our very few babies... :P I bred one more doe today, Wooligan's Kitty to WWR Sleeptalker. ;)

Susie Cederlof
Wooly World Rabbitry


4 Kings Rabbitry said...

Congratulations Susie!! I'll be crossing my fingers and toes that your woolies keep their coats for convention! Good luck, I *know* you'll do Awesome;-)

Tru-Luv Rabbitry said...

Congratulations and may you do as well in the convention. I am sure you will as your bunnies are awesome!