Sunday, November 25, 2007

"Aww, da baybees!"

Babies are growing up here at Wooly World Rabbitry, and the cute stage is kicking in. A line my 19 year brother has always said since he was 17 comes into place. "Aww, da baybees!" A deep low voice he'd say it with with a smile on his face. Augie has always loved my baby rabbits.

Back when he had less hours to work and was home early, he'd catch me around 8 o'clock playing with my bunnies for the night on the couch before its time to put them away. I'd find my brother playing with them, sometimes laying on the couch, talking to them. Theres always that little soft spot in my brothers hard heart of his, a love for animals.

I went outside and took pictures of some of the babies today, and adults. The babies are so cute and some are really promising. I do have a favorite, who is Mew, a REW buck. I didn't do this for long as we do live in "The Windy City" and the wind picked up. Blowing my buns fur all over, hard to take a picture like that.

First we have is Blue Belle X Hamlet babies. Both these two are very promising. Unfortunatley one is a charlie and has no nose marking. Cuter than anything though. I named the REW buck, WWR Mew and the brkn. tort buck is WWR Togepi. These guys are "pokemon". ;) lol.

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WWR Mew- REW Junior Buck

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WWR Togepi- Broken Tort[charlie] Junior Buck

Our Second litter of babies is our Pearl X Hamlet cross. I've named one of these babies so far. The blue do is showable and the two blacks are not. They have white spots on thier bellies, I suppose maybe they are overly marked brokens. They are adorable and sweet though, would make wonderful pets. ;)

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WWR Black Junior Doe, WWR Hanna Beth- Blue Junior Doe, WWR Black Junior Buck

Third batch to be born are these two. The pointed white doe is fostered to Cleo, who is a Kipsie X Boulder babies. =) The REW buck is Cleopatra X Hamlet. Yes, Hamlet has been getting the job done around here. ;) Both of these too have cute looks to them, both should be show babies.

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Left: Blue Pointed White Doe by Boulder X Kipsie
Right: REW Bcuk by Hamlet X Cleopatra

Last but not least, we have a Siamese Sable buck by Pop Quiz X Pia. This was a test combo, not really disired for a show quality animal. He doesn't look too bad, though. ;)

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Let me know if you would be interested in any of these babies. =) I do have ideas of who I'm keeping now and am not. I'm sure some of these will be pets, such as Togepi and the two blacks.

Susie =)

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