Sunday, November 25, 2007

Lodi, CA 11.24.07

Today was a pretty decent show day. I only brought a few rabbits to show. Two woolies and three fuzzies to be exact.

I'm keeping this post very simple and sweet, I'm tired and really want to go to bad. ;)

Show A JW: I won BOSB with WWR Abbygail. She's my REW Senior Doe whos taken many months to develop. =P I'm very pround of her. She has many many many group wins where shes just needed an extra rabbit or exibitor to win a leg. She finally got her first. ;)
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Show B JW: I won BOB with my new Shaded Senior Buck, Thumperhill's Ammadon. This is his granding out leg. I'm happy he did well. I honestly can't wait to get some babies from him. Excuse his bad picture, hes a bit of a table hugger! lol. And the lighting is soo horrible, I'll get a new one up soon!!!
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In Show B AFL: Addison won 2/6. Yay. Theres a little story behind this, I'll just say I'll re-tatt him for a better win next time! lol.
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Until next time, may your bunnies be wonderful winners. See everyone in Red Bluff!

*Stockton, CA show pictures comming soon!*

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