Monday, December 10, 2007

Red Bluff, CA Dec 8-9 2007

This show was deffinantly interesting. Not by the people, or wins, but the occurances that were happening.

I'm not going to get into all the "occurances" that had happened, but I'll tell you mine. I'm not going to go into to much detail, I'm not too proud to talk about them...

First, one of my buns decided to fly, and in the process, she has scratched my face. I have very sensitive skin so my face felt like it was swelling and I got all teary eyed. Shortly after, one of my does fractured her spine(not really sure how she did this). One of my best does at that too. We tried getting her to the vet, the only vet around was a small animal clinic, BUT didn't accept rabbits. Never heard of such a thing. So We took her into our local vet today. She seems to be doing better, the fracture really isn't bad. If she has feeling by tomorrow morning she will most likely be okay. I'll keep you all updated. This doe is WWR Rock Paper Scissors, the beautiful little Chestnut agouti who has been appeared MANY times in my blog.

Lets talk about some wins. =]

Saturday Youth Show A Woolies: Allen Ormond
WWR Sisily- 1/2
WWR Abby- 1/1 BOG, BOSB
WWR Ammadon- 1/3 BOG
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WWR Abbygail

Saturday Youth Show B Woolies: Josh Humphries
Sisily- 1/2
Abby- 1/1 BOG
Ammadon- 1/3 BOSG

Sunday Youth Show A Woolies: Keelyn Hanlon
Sisily- 1/1 BOG, BOB (Honorable Mention for BIS)
Abby- 1/1 BOG
Ammadon- 2/2
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WWR Sisly

Sunday Youth Show A Woolies: Randy Shumaker
Sisily- 1/1
Abby- 1/1 BOG
Ammadon- 1/2 BOG, BOB
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Thumperhills Ammadon

So, my results were good! That really did make a lot feel better. All judges gave my woolies WONDERFUL comments, I think that was the most important part, all the judges really liked them, it was very well worth the trip for me to receive the comments I did.

Here is a video of Youth BIS Judging on Sunday. Judge is Joey S. My wooly doe "WWR Sisily" recieves Honorable Mention. She was one of only a few who were pulled out again.

I'll get some other "Show Scene" pictures up soon. =]
Thanks for reading.
Susie Cederlof

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