Saturday, July 7, 2007

WWR Sir Mix A Lot

One July 7th, 2007, my doe G.C. Wooligan's Party Girl(black otter, 6 legs) gave birth to 7 kits. There were a variety of colors in this litter, not what I expected either. Shadeds! I bred her to my buck, G.C. WWR Pee Wee. Two of these kits were peanuts, and two vanished at about 5 days old. The three that were left were a black otter, a sable martin, and a siamese sable.

These three kits grew up into beautiful babies. We named the black otter WWR Luxurious, the Sable Sir Mix A Lot, and the Sable Martin renamed nameless. I decided to show them a bit too. All did wonderful, got wonderful comments. Sir Mix A Lot took a BOG and Lux took a few BOSGs, even over her mother. The judges were amaized with the type on these animals and gave props to the breeder. I was really proud of these babies.

One is a really special boy, I traded him to my best friend Dorissa for her doe, Wooligan's Cleopatra, a opal with about 4 legs at the time(currently 5). It was really hard to give Sir up, but we know the trade would both work really well in our breeding programs.

Sir was such a sweet boy, I missed him all the time and regretted trading off everytime I saw him. He just got nicer and nicer. Thinking to myself, "What did I do?!?!"

A few days ago, Dorissa decided to be no longer in rabbits, and as well they really didn't want to take them with the move. I decided to buy the whole herd(about 10 rabbits), and here I got back my baby. Sir Mix A Lot. =) He has developed really nicely, I can't wait to show him on the tables! Here he is...

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The story of his name is inspired by the song "Baby Got Back"(Sir Mix A Lot sings this song) which he has a smooth wide hindquarter. What a silly name! LOL.

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m&m said...

Hey Susie! What a cute Boy he is! So, this is Lux's littermate? Cute! Lux is doing great, her fur is coming back in, and I can't wait to show her...Well, I'll be showing her in MO or IN...Not sure where. :) So, she's doing well. She doesn't like her neighbor (Caudill's Ferris)...LOL..He loves to tease her through the cage and she just grunts and thumps...LOL...I guess she thinks she's gonna get bred again. Anyways, what a cute buck!