Friday, October 9, 2009

Late Night Fuzz

When you're in a picture taking mood- you're in a picture taking mood. *Rarely* ever do I post photos that we're taken in my barn, at night, or with flash. Especially all three. LOL.

Well you're in for a treat! Tonight I just needed to snap some pictures, I couldn't resist. Well, they don't look terrible for just snap shots but I'm sure I'll be retaking them this weekend and get these buns all groomed up.

I do take photos every once in a while like this *just* to have on hand, just in case. The world NEVER sees them though, I think they are repulsive to my taste in my own photography. But which portfolio is perfect? ;P

Hobbs' Kirara "Kee-la-la" Fawn Junior Doe

Philly, a Broken Opal Junior Buck who is in his uglies.

Lucky Lop's who I need to rename, Blue Tort Junior Buck.

Lucky Lop's Claudio, Chestnut newly Senior Buck.

As you can tell, everyone is still working on coats. I'm lovin' the heads though!!!

Eh, heck, lets throw a Wooly in here. :P

Jankenpon, 7 week old Opal Buck.

Hope everyone had a good week. TGIF! (I'm feeling better.)

Susie :)

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Kagee Rabbitry said...

OMG. Send me the opal and the chestnut. OMG heads *drool*