Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Convention Coming Soon

This month is flying by and I'm starting to feel the stress of Convention coming way too quickly... I'm excited but it's always nerve-wracking, leaving home, and this time we are going to have to hire a care taker. Always scares me, cause I'm the only person who cares for tends to my rabbits. I didn't breed any does because we've had experiences of does who abort their babies when strangers come into the rabbitry. I even have yelled at my brother cause I don't want him in there, nor making tons of noise around there.

I want everything perfect by the time Convention comes, but I'm freaking out on where I'm going to find the time. I think I'm going to have to call off work though I really need the money. Wah. What to do! :(




Will be blogging again soon...


Tru-Luv Rabbitry said...

I hope you get a good care taker/bunny sitter that perhaps could do some breedings for u while you're away. LOL! Hope he/she is not one of those kids trying to experiment the birds and the bees. LOL!

Can't wait for news from convention and photos too!

Carol said...

Cute bunnies Susie! But relax, you can't make everything perfect. I am stressing also so I am one to give advice. I have sooooooo much to do. Would you be interested at all in helping me out at Convention? I need someone to help me during the early morning grooming rush on show day. Since open and youth Fuzzies have the same judges, we know they will be judged sequentially rather than at the same time. I have JWs to groom too! Yikes!!