Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Playing Catch Up

Hey all-
I have a no excuses for why I have not been blogging the past few weeks. I simply have not have much motivation too. I've been feeling overwhelmed and wasn't going to force myself to do it. But today I'm feeling better and I'm going to say what's going on, and as well get the long awaited photos up. I could only imagine how terrible this blog must be for anybody with dial up. If anything, my blog is always full of photos, if I don't have photos to go along with a blog, I always feel that is is "naked". I love sharing the pictures I take in this hobby, must be because I love when people share theirs too.

Solano County Fair was a lot of fun. I won 1st FFA Senior Showmanship as an independent, close 2nd FFA Senior Small Animal Round Robin, BOB Jersey Wooly, and best rabbit bred by owner. The fair had a good amount of rabbits, at least 100. I loved hanging with my friends, there were so many good times.

I just got home from the benefit show in Monroe, Washington for Kevin Rudolph. I went up with Teri of Sonshine Rabbitry I met many great people and saw many faces of those I've only met once or twice. It is very refreshing coming home from an out-of-state rabbit show. I always am overcome with new revisions and ideas, being very inspired. It was good to get away from home for a little bit- and a rabbit show at that. I met Donna of Snowberry Hollands in Canada, who is a member of Rabbit Habit I have chatted with for a few years. She is such a great person and so kind hearted. Donna won Reserve Best in Show with "1111" a Tort Senior doe she bred herself. She is truly gorgeous. The Holland Lop exhibitors are so sweet, very educated and have such pretty bunnies. I also met many of the Rudolphs, and Kevin, who you can understand no wonder why everyone would put together a show and attend a show like this for him. He is such a great guy.

Rabbitry wise- we have several does due in the next coming weeks. We have a handful of juniors, as well as a couple younger kits. An opal Jersey Wooly doe, a broken blue tort charlie Jersey Wooly doe, and a broken opal Fuzzy Lop junior buck. The Brkn. Blue Tort I think was a genetic spoof. I did not know there were tort in my lines. I may re-do that combo to see what else may be there. ;)

I picked up a few more REALLY nice Fuzzy Lops from Leslie of Hobb's Habbitry up in Washington. Leslie is like a family member and so welcoming to her home. Thank you Leslie for the bunnies and letting us stay at your home a couple nights!!! I'll be sure to get photos of them soon. :)

Hobb's Tacoma- a blue tort buck from my first pair of fuzzies from Leslie

Now to upload photos. I will back set the dates on the Fair photos so they should be below this post. Hope everyone's staying cool through these summer months...

Susie :)

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Tru-Luv Rabbitry said...

Something's missing - ME! LOL!

How I wish to have a long road trip with you and Teri. One fine day I guess...