Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Portola Valley Wins and THE HEAT.

At the Portola Valley JW/AFL triple specialty shows a couple weekends ago, we did very very well. Our Juniors got wonderful comments. The JW show was open only and we had a close to 60 entries I believe! I want to say that Angel's broken smoke pearl buck who two BOB at 2/3 shows was absolutely drool worthy. What a beautiful animal.

Fives took first in all three of her AFL classes. She was moulting terribly. She was the only one I brought, well, cause every fuzzy was moulting.

Here's some JW results.
Show A:
Abby 1/3
Ro 1/1 BOG

Show B:
Blue Belle 1/3 BOG! (4th Leg)
Ro 1/2 BOG (4th leg and can grand! WOO!)

Show C:
Ro 1/1 BOG
Blue Belle 1/3
Ammadon 1/6 BOSG (6th Leg!)
Cracker 2/4 or 5.
Xbox 360 3/6

Not too shabby for moulty or just finished molt bunnies. My juniors were pretty small and placed really well. My mom's chestnut buck, who currently has no name but I call Micro Ears got wonderful praise, and took first in his agouti jr. buck classes.

The heat is TERRIBLE right now. It got to 107* today. I almost lost a few of the bunnies... I checked on them before I left to go to my appointment, the fans(which are big) were on high and the misters attached to them were one. Me being gone for one hour I come back and everybody is stressed beyond words. I have misters along the top I turned on, which was perfect and made it like a air conditioner if not better in there. I soaked some of the bunnies ears down, too.

Please watch your bunnies. Like I said, one hour so much can happen. It scared me. A lot. I'm so happy I didn't enter for fair(which started yesterday until Sunday). I probably would have ended up with dead rabbits there and here because I wasn't home.

Hope to see you all in Watsonville. If I show I show 2 at most, nothing looks too good. lol.


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