Saturday, August 25, 2007

New American Fuzzy Lops!

A few weeks ago I had decided I wanted to sell out of my American Fuzzy Lops. It was a tough desistion, but I have more focus on my woolies at the moment. Well, on a trek up to OR and WA with my friend, Katie, of Starlite Rabbitry, I had come home with a few Fuzzy Lops. =P It was hard to pass up these guys! ;)

I had brought home a Broken Orange, a Blue Tort, and a Broken Blue Fox. All have exeptional type. From being in the hot, California weather, they have all decided to blow their coats. It may be a while before they hit the show table.

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Meena- Broken Orange Senior Doe- 1 Leg for BOB
Has exeptional type, and personality. It was love at first sight with this girl. =P

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Addison- Broken Blue Fox Senior Buck
What a sweetheart! He has the cutest face. I love his color. ;)

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Tacoma- Blue Tort Junior Buck
He has a molty head in this picture. He has VERY nice body type, head and ears! Cait wait to show this boy.

A HUGE thank you to Leslie Hobbs of Hobb's Habbitry for these amaizing animals! =D


Mary Henderson said...

Hi Suzie,
Jenny shared your pictures of your new rabbits with me. They are so cute and exceptional. Can't wait to see you at the next show when their coats come back. Good Luck and say hi to your mom from me.
Mary Henderson

silentspringsrabbitry said...

Hey Susie!

Awesome, awesome bunnies! I looooveee the broken orange & the broken blue fox! Soooo pretty! I call dibs from a baby from the broken orange :p

Anonymous said...

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