Monday, February 2, 2009

I'm alive!

Hello world,
I'm excited to post. :) I guess there isn't too much to say... besides several on end bad "events" and life trying to bring me down! Well, this time, I'm keeping my feet in place. I feel a stronger person.

Not really any show results. I did good at Red Bluff in the middle of December(my last show I attended), I'm not sure if I mentioned it or not. No babies... no new rabbits... it's been quiet here lately, and may be like that for a few more months. I'm tryng to find the kick back into things.

I do have some new photos to share; enjoy.

WWR Alladin- Opal Junior Buck; small but AWESOME type!

WWR Audrey Kitching- chubby little girl!

LeSage's Shakira- Looking good, but she too has gotten fat!

Lucky Lop's Addison.

Wooligans Hello Kitty- unfortunately this girl is unshowable. We're still working on getting live kits from her.

My website has a new webset, however I'm going to change it. Too dark. I'll be making it lighter or something soon, when I have the time.

Hope everyone is having much better luck in life than I am! Maybe it's just the economy going to the toilet... :/

Have a good week!
Susie Cederlof
Wooly World Rabbitry


Tru-Luv Rabbitry said...

We're all feeling the pinch over at this end too. Just trying to see the bright side to things. Life goes on nonetheless. Hope you see the light at the end of the tunnel whatever it is that you're facing...

mrbarrington said...

Wow, what beauties! I wish the internet had a "touch" option and that I could reach out and pet these soft little bunnies. In the endless attempt to get inside the head of a bunny, I do consider that our bunnies have no idea about the financial tumult that that has taken over our country! Here's a question: how can you tell that LeSage's Shakira is overweight? we wonder if our own bunny's weight is where it should be, given his size...

Lana said...

Addison is very cute :)