Sunday, January 1, 2012

Welcoming 2012

2011 has been a busy year for I know all of us. A lot of good and some bad as well, I think myself and my friends and family have managed to hold ourselves together decently through a lot of tough times last year. I've continued to change a lot for the better and hoping to make a come back to blogging, and maybe even showing rabbits again, probably sparingly.

I guess my views on bunnies & life in general have changed a lot not only over the past year, but couple of years. I've had a lot of personal struggles I continue to work with daily. Rabbits have been on the back burner for a long time. For longer than I could give you an actual approximate time for.

Besides kind of falling off of the face of the earth, I think rabbits are a lot different to me. They are just a hobby I enjoy and nearly, that's just about it. Having a conversation about rabbits just doesn't come natural anymore. If someone has to talk about rabbits with me, I have to force myself to "get into it". I like the connections I've made with a lot of my bunnies friends past and present, but I've strongly come to the realization is I like these people way more than because of bunnies. I want to talk about their life, and joke around with these people. I have had no drama to contribute, and am so very out of the loop on what is even going on in the bunny world. Because this realization has concluded that even paying a little attention of the "dirty side" of it is just too much energy that I don't have to spend on my daily life.

Blogging is something I used to enjoy and then it became a chore. My life dramatically changed a day in work where I had saved a little girl's dogs life on just "another day". I guess, all the assisting I do I have a strong influence to a lot of peoples pet's lives, something I do everyday is save pets, nurse pets, offer pet guidance. The feedback from the community and the gifts and words I have all received have all been worth it. I've come to understand people and their pets more than I ever have. To such acceptance to such a high extent of just understanding how unfair life is. A part of me has died a long time ago, and it's not the caring or compassion, it's the lack of it in people's actions or words. That being said, sticks and stones may break my bones, words will never hurt me. I have learned to laugh and I would consider myself one of the most light hearted people I've known. And no matter what, I'm perfectly okay and never have to worry because drama or smack talk just is not even relevant to my life.

I hate saying it though, I find a lot of connections through rabbits all about the dirty laundry. It's pushed me away from showing, but not from attending rabbit shows. But showing is not what matters because all I really admire is the presence of my friends I've made through the hobby that any second I could lose. Travelling all the way to Indiana and back, road trip style, was not about rabbits. I ended up not showing, but went because travelling and friends is what I love more. Rabbits have given me much opportunity in life to embrace what people, animals, travelling, all have to offer. I was asked too many times, "how could you come ALL this way and not show anything?"

To be honest, lol, my budget wasn't fit for showing a lot. I had a few I wanted to enter, but a few hours before entry close I was in bed tired from a long day at work I was too lazy to do it. Showing bunnies and travelling over 5,000 miles round trip was NOT what made the trip worth while. It was the beautiful land I got to cross, being stuck hours in a car talking until the cows came home and watching out the window just admiring existence as I just fell asleep as my copilots discuss rabbit genetics or what have you. THAT is exactly what made the trip worth everything.

Anyways, I have a real blog developing coming to a monitor near you. I've had a lot of people ask for me to write again, but I think most of it is about the pictures than the relevance of what I have to say about them. I guess I just really like hearing what people have to say and I know sometimes I talk to much and have in the past (or presently now?). That being said the past couple years have really been spent absorbing a lot of information and understanding into life and my contributions would have been a mess of minds. I hope 2011 treated you all decently, and 2012 maybe more remorseful than what I've seen a lot of peoples year gone. Nobody even seemed excited about '11 but I see such a positive reaction to what this year could potentially hold.

I just see it as another day and will continue to muddle along my day off. Trying to get my website back up and together. ;)

Take care everyone!
Susie Cederlof
Haute Wooly Couture

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v howle said...

So are you off blogging and bunnies? I loved your older posts. I thought they were great. I've been into rabbits for a while and am in my 40's.. I've got 4. Take care, Vanessa